Storage for Family History Items

We supply Genealogical Storage Hold-Alls, binders and albums to store certificates, photographs and memorabilia safely in inert pockets made of polypropylene or polyester.

Hold-Alls, Binders, including the Premier Certificate Binder, and albums come in a choice of colours to enable certificates to be separated into births, marriages or deaths and/or into family groupings along with photographs and memorabilia.

Please note:- Binders & Albums are sold empty (unless otherwise stated) for you to fill with your choice of pockets/pages. Colours may vary in shade from that shown. Prices include VAT.

Genealogical Storage Hold-All will hold a selection of up to 60 pockets to store certificates and memorabilia in the one enclosed container.

Certificate binders, including the Premier Certificate Binder, will hold up to 80 certificates if 2 certificates are stored back to back per pocket. Our new Leather Certificate Binder will hold up to 100 certificates. Use insert cards in the pockets to display photographs or other items of memorabilia.

Album pages, available in 13 different pocket types, enable storage of a variety of photographs or memorabilia.

Other items, acid free paper, pens and glue, journal and magazine holder, V-mounts etc., help with presentation and storage.

Placing an Order

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